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3 KEY tips for your Weibo Management Strategy

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

If you ask “Do you have Sina weibo’s account?” 90% of people in China will give you  a resounding “Yes!”. Because yes, one thing is sure, Sina Weibo has now become the most popular platform for people to share news.

But how can a Weibo account constantly develop and draw more attention from people?

I’ve managed the Sina Weibo page for Y+, a famous yoga center in Shanghai, for 1 year now. Let me give you 3 KEY tips to succeed in your Weibo Social Media Management Strategy.

1) Rich Content

Content is the primary factor. Professional yoga knowledge, Y+ NEWS, interactions between Y+ teachers and Weibo followers are all necessary parts for Y+ Weibo’s content. The editor should always keep updating the latest Internet words and news.

Apart from good quality articles, vivid pictures and attractive videos are also very important. These two can diversify your Weibo content and encourage people to share with their friends.

2) Incentive Campaigns

We can’t ignore the importance of Weibo campaigns. How to catch people’s eye on your event? I think there are two decisive factors. Certainly the first one is using simple words to describe key point and incentive, it can make easier for people to catch what they are really interested in and join event immediately. The second one is the cooperation with KOLs. Take advantage of their high popularity, more promoting opportunity is close at hand.

3) Humanized Maintenance

Don’t forget to use friendly words to encourage your followers to leave feedback about you, on account of what they think and feel plays the decisive role. Interaction posts can help you to know what you should start to do and what you should stop to do.

Keep thinking, keep fresh! I believe everybody can get more fun and love from Weibo.


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