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5 Highlights from the Olympics Online in China

Updated: May 30, 2019

The Olympics are the biggest sporting event in China. The sports media and social networks were almost exclusively focused on this event as they delivered 24/7 coverage despite the difficult time difference. From Lanxiong Sports research, we’ve brought you the 5 biggest highlights from the Olympics online in China.

Hashtag Hashtags around the Rio Olympics on Sina Weibo reached 71.5 billion total exposure. There was huge growth in user activity on this platform since the London 2012 Olympics, which only reached 390 million total exposure. This was partly due to the Olympics launching their Weibo account for this event.

Athletes 272 of the Chinese athletes competing at Rio had an official Weibo account with all of the Gold medal winners active on Weibo. The most popular athletes increased by over 30 million new followers, with Fu Yuanhui who became a viral sensation grew by 7 million new followers.

CCTV Not only did they provide around the clock coverage on their terrestrial channel, but they started to show their digital strength. CCTV formed a strong partnership with Weibo before the Olympics and posted around 50 short form videos daily on the platform with the video views surpassing 300 million.

Live streaming Live streaming for sports events was tested out for one of the first times around the Olympics. Michael Phelps, Duli and Fu Yuanhui all engaged in live streaming sessions on Weibo with Du li, who was participating in her third Olympics, watched by over 11 million fans.

Miaopai videos Sina Weibo’s video platform Miaopai had huge success during the Olympics. From August 6th to 10th, the total views of the top 10 most watched videos were around 590 million. And according to a report from Iresearch, 85% of Weibo users use their mobile to watch Olympic video content.

This year, there was a shift in mentality from the Chinese fans from celebrating gold medals, to celebrating the stories and Chinese characters on show at the Olympics. Despite the lack of medals, there was still an incredible response online with fans following each success.

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