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5 Tips for your China online fashion store

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

1. Less is more = Wrong!

Chinese online shoppers need to see every detail possible on an online store, before they make any decision on purchases.

According to this example of a China online store, there are 8 poses that can demonstrate the best of this coat:

2. Let your customers be your models! 

Think of your store as a changing room where your customers get a sense of what they’ll look like wearing your products.  Start building a relationship with the right bloggers and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) for your brand now, and some of them might start knocking on your door soon!

3. Focus on customer reviews.

Fellow Chinese online shoppers look for social proof in a lot of things in their daily consumption habits – fashion, cars, food and drinks, girlfriends (do they?!).

Let your customers bring more of their fellow consumers to you.

Snapshot of Taobao Customer Reviews

4. Keep payment easy!

A letter to all hungry fashion brands out there:

“Dear Fashion Brands,

I would like to introduce you some dear friends of mine in China. They make my life wonderful everyday. Now I have no problem buying a jet from Richard Brandson (the “Virgin”) anymore.

 Peace out!”

China E-Commerce Logos

5. Your online store is your best research tool!

Chinese online shoppers often have questions, oh boy, LOTS of questions regarding your product. Listen carefully to their needs (reasonable or non-reasonable) and you will have the most first-hand understanding of your target market.

Thank you for your visit!

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