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8 weibo slang terms your China Social Media agency MUST know

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

1. 233 (èr sān sān)

Direct translation: It’s the 233rd emoticon on– Chinese forum site

Social media interpretation: Something very funny and amusing.

Western correspondent: LOL

2. 无图无真相 (wú tú wú zhēn xiàng)

Direct translation: “No image no truth!”

Social media interpretation: A phrase to request blogger to provide images

3. 打鸡血 (dǎ jī xiě)

Direct translation: “Chicken blood injection” (A widely-used medical practice during the Chinese Cultural Revolution)

Social media interpretation: to describe one’s obsession over something or being over- excited; usually applies to describe fans’ behavior.

4. 闹太套 (nào tài tào)

Direct translation: the term originated from a series of Internet memes referring to the video below

(scroll to 1.15 to discover why)

Social media interpretation: “Not at all”

5. 元芳,你怎么看 (yuán fāng, nǐ zěn me kàn)

Direct translation: “Yuan fang, what do you think?!”

Social media interpretation: Commonly used as “What’s your opinion?” after a piece of content or comment.

6. 我再也不相信爱情了(wǒ zài yě bù xiāng xìn ài qíng le)

Direct translation: “I don’t believe in love no more”

7. 给跪了(gěi guì le)

Direct translation: “I salute you”

Social media interpretation: Commonly used to describe one feeling shocked and speechless after reading a piece of information or comment.

8. 太 2了(tài èr le)

Direct translation: Too two

Social media interpretation: To describe something or someone’s behavior being excessively silly or ridiculous.

Western correspondent: facepalm.

For more enquiries about slang terms, Internet memes, Weibo trends and all that jazz, get in touch with our #1 social media guru, Micey!

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