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839,896 customers in 3 months

As Business Director for Mailman Group, my objective is simple. Promote our brand and services across all the right channels to as many relevant eyeballs as possible.

Mailman specializes in connecting western brands and organizations to Chinese consumers through creative online strategies and Chinese social media.

Language, food and fashion differ from one culture to the next, so do online communities, trends and buying habits

The immigrant population is another vast and influential demographic group that needs to be watched closely by our industry. Take for example, the fact Chinese now represent over 3% of the Australian population that’s 669,896 potential customers with a very unique way of thinking. Not to mention the 170,000 long term Chinese students in Australian universities. These are numbers that no business should ignore.

NOT A QUESTION OF IF, BUT WHEN Stay in the know about emerging, lucrative demographic groups as they have the potential to alter your business.

Chinese buy Chinese and due to their considerably large population (1.3 Billion+ people) they tend to use Chinese versions of all other global online properties.

  1. eBay is replaced by taobao

  2. twitter replaced by weibo

  3. facebook replaced by numerous Chinese social networking sites with each Chinese community averaging at least 50 million users. (Kaixin, RenRen etc)


Whether you’re marketing to your existing or potential customers, you need to know your target audiences.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is this group like? What defines them?

  2. What are their likes/dislikes?

  3. What are their motivating factors to buy?

  4. How do they buy?

  5. How do they want to be reached?

  6. How can my brand target and attract them to increase sales and market share?

The key to marketing any product successfully— economic crisis or not—is reaching out to your customers the way they want to be targeted and in the places they feel most comfortable.

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