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All you need to know from Yutang Sports 2015 Broadcasting Report

Updated: May 30, 2019

Yutang Sports released their 2015 report on China’s football broadcasting landscape. The report focuses on the development of the broadcast industry, with particular reference towards CCTV5 and IPTV players, and an analysis of future trends. We took a deep dive through the report and highlighted the best insights below.

1. Football 2. Basketball 3. Billiards 4. Volleyball 5. Tennis

PREMIER LEAGUE THE MOST COVERED 60 different TV and digital platforms broadcast football. The most broadcast football events were:

1. Premier League: 5,058 hours 2. Chinese Super League: 4,095 hours 3. La Liga: 1,839 hours 4. Champions League: 1,538 hours 5. Bundesliga: 1,293 hours

CCTV5 THE BIGGEST CCTV5 has the largest reach with over 55% of total football viewership. As the broadcast landscape continued to evolve, new deals saw an increase and decrease in viewership:

1. Premier League increased by 200% from 2015 because of their partnership with CCTV 2. CSL grew by 40% 3. La Liga with an exclusive deal with PPTV dropped by 42%


The top 10 most viewed matches all featured either the China national team or a domestic club. The top 3 most viewed matches of 2015 were:

1. China vs. North Korea: Asian Cup Group Stage 2. China vs. Australia: Asian Cup QFs 3. Guangzhou Evergrande vs. Al-Ahli: Asian Champions League Final

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