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China Now Open to the World’s Best Athletes

Mailman is proud to announce the launch of MAILMAN PRO, a new platform aimed at giving all global athletes, teams, and organizations the opportunity to connect with China’s sports fans.

For over 10 years, we’ve been at the forefront of sports marketing in China. We’ve seen the development of professional sports become a powerhouse among China’s exploding numbers of young sports fans (300m+ of them) – social media has been the catalyst for this growth as brands are now talking directly to this audience.

With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all blocked in China, connecting with this growing fan base is difficult. We’ve seen over 200 professional teams, leagues and tier 1 athletes invest resources and budget to establish a footprint across China’s Sina Weibo and Tencent’s WeChat. However, with limited resources, the audience in China has been driven by the top organizations.

This is all going to change. With the launch of MAILMAN PRO, we’re proud to invite all global athletes, teams, and organizations the opportunity to connect with China’s sports fans.

With MAILMAN PRO, you can now:

  1. Launch an official social media footprint in China

  2. Sync your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram directly to China’s largest social networks Sina Weibo & WeChat

  3. Protect your content against material that the Chinese government might censor

  4. Access competitive intelligence to see the winners and losers across your category in China’s social media

  5. Easily collaborate, plan, and publish within your teams to China’s social networks

Mailman CEO Andrew Collins is confident that MAILMAN PRO can disrupt traditional methods of reaching global fandom. “Before now gaining access to China’s rising sports fans through social media was driven primarily by the largest sports team and athletes. MAILMAN PRO breaks down the barriers, and gives all talent an opportunity to create a relationship with China.”

Join over 30 professional athletes and brands that are using MAILMAN PRO today, publishing to over 25,000,000 followers. Packages are offered at all levels and start at $595 for a social media presence in China.

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