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China’s 2014 Golden Week See Traveling, Shopping Surge Abroad

China’s national holidays have become increasingly profitable for those in the tourism and retail industries, and this year’s “Golden Week” proved to be no different. China’s own retail sales saw a 12.1% increase, but much of the shopping during Golden Week was done abroad.

The Nation National Tourism Administration (NTA) reported that outbound travel rose significantly, almost 20%, according to China’s largest airline company, China Southern Airlines, with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan as well as Southeast Asia, Republic of Korea, Thailand and Japan as the most popular destinations. Myeongdong, a famous shopping and tourist spot in Seoul was filled not only with Chinese tourists, but also Chinese signs marketed by Korean brands directly to the tourists.

Not everyone stayed in Asia; many chose to leave Asia and visit the US- China Southern flights between Los Angeles and major Chinese cities were almost fully booked. And once they arrived, the number one activity of Chinese tourists is shopping- Chinese tourists will spend over $USD 100 billion abroad this year. And more and more stores are following Myeongdong’s example and marketing directly to Chinese tourists. The Kiehl’s store in the Westfield Valley Fair mall in San Jose, California, for example, hired Chinese speaking staff and put up a sign in Chinese on the front door that read “celebrate China’s national holiday and get 4 complimentary luxury samples with a purchase over $75”.

Learn how to attract Chinese tourists by understanding their key shopping habits.

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