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Chinese, the new growth opportunity for US Sports

PRESS RELEASE – 27th September 2010

The Mailman Group, a multinational social marketing company are now building online platforms to connect major sporting bodies with the growing Chinese population; globally.  The Mailman Group have created a effective methodology to bring in vast amounts of Chinese online consumers worldwide to a central community hub, directly pulling this web traffic via Chinese social networks with targeted content.

The Australia football League (AFL) have invested in a first time Chinese language website to educate, communicate and involve the expanding Chinese community to the Australian loved sport of AFL. (

Given the recent economic limitations for major sporting organisations, growth has been challenging.  Connecting with Chinese consumers around the world can provide significant opportunity.  The Mailman Group CEO, Andrew Collins says “Chinese mandarin, it’s the world’s most used language and very few sporting outlets are recognising that.  Current media distribution provides easy access to popular teams which create demand – yet the follow through for many teams is almost non existent.” Andrew further adds “It’s a matter of first in best dressed here, as I see most major groups having a dedicated Chinese language site within the next 5 years.”

The Mailman Group, based out of Shanghai has established offices in New York and Melbourne as sub branches to continue the promotion of communicating direct with Chinese globally.  The company services sporting organizations, multinational brands and government in establishing relationships online with Chinese consumers around the world.

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