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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Mailman, a global sports digital marketing agency headquartered in Shanghai, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with emlyon business school Asia, a subsidiary of the leading French business school. The scope of the MoU will allow both sides to engage in mutually beneficial, value-adding activities.

The signing of the MoU took place at the Beijing International Convention Center on April 29, as part of the (emlyon business school Eurasian Sport Industry Development Forum & Launch Ceremony of the Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry). Mailman’s Beijing Representative Jia Wei, and Simon Chadwick, Director, Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry at emlyon business school Asia, were present at the signing ceremony. The event also included a panel on Managing in the Eurasian Sport Industry and a keynote speech from Simon Chadwick.

As part of the partnership, emlyon will provide opportunities for engagement with its staff and student community, network of contacts and other assets for education, research, consultancy, internship, employment and/or marketing purposes.

Mailman, in return, will provide opportunities for researchers and other academic staff to engage in collaborative work with the company, for students to engage in internship programmes and create and incorporate company-led content into emlyon’s programmes.

Simon Chadwick, Director, Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry at emlyon business school Asia: “Eurasia is currently the fastest growing part of the global sport industry, hence these are exciting times for all of us who work in it. Digital and social media are among key drivers of this growth, hence we are very pleased to sign this agreement with Mailman. We look forward to a highly productive relationship that benefits the company, our students, and the research activities in which we are both engaged.”

Andrew Collins, CEO of Mailman: “We’re proud to partner with emlyon business school and engage in opportunities to deliver more value to the sports industry across Asia. We look forward to working together and inspiring the next generation of sports business leaders.”

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