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FC Barcelona content to be made available in 40 countries

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Spanish soccer giants FC Barcelona have agreed a mobile content distribution contract with Binbit. 

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The Mexican firm has a network of partnerships with over 90 telephone carriers around the world and will distribute information and digital content from the club throughout Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The deal covers 40 countries and runs for the next three years.

“This agreement will help both companies generate extra revenue by distributing high quality content in these countries. We aim to create the largest mobile community of FC Barcelona mobile fans to offer them the best content of the team,” Antoni Muntaner, the founder and chairman of Binbit, said.

“We are very excited about the launch of this project which aims to distribute digital content internationally,” said Dídac Lee, the director of media and communication and the man responsible for new technologies at FC Barcelona. “We have decided to go forward with this project alongside Binbit due to its high level of penetration in the international market, particularly in emerging countries and strategic nations. This is the key element to our club, since we have to serve and reach all parts of the world to meet the needs of our members and fans.”

Barcelona’s La Liga campaign kicks off against Elche on Sunday.

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