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FIFA Fan Movement and the 2019 Women's World Cup

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 is over and done with, and here at Seven League we’re still catching our breath after playing a full role in what proved to be an historic tournament.

Our work included:

#LegendsAssemble, a 25-video pre-tournament marketing campaign which depicted Women’s World Cup ambassadors as superheroes, elevating 23 former professional players above the traditional role of attending matches, press engagements, and enthusing about the tournament

– Ongoing support for FIFA’s content teams

– Our work with specific competing nations such as England (social media training workshops for the Lionesses squad)

– Plus, of course, the ground-breaking FIFA Fan Movement

This World Cup represented a landmark moment for Fan Movement, which Seven League created with FIFA in 2018 as part of Vision 2.0, FIFA’s plan for growing the game, enhancing the experience and building a deeper connection with fans.

Fan Movement was announced publicly on the first day of the 2018 FIFA men’s World Cup, so the next World Cup one year later was an opportunity to push the movement even further and create an even greater opportunity for football fans globally to be centre stage – literally at times!

Currently, there are over 700 members, recruited by Seven League from 50+ countries. The project is fully integrated in FIFA’s digital and content plan and this World Cup had a coming-of-age moment when 10 Fan Movement members appeared on stage at the inaugural FIFA Women’s Football Convention.

Two of them also shared their experiences and opinions on stage with Karina LeBlanc. It was the first time fans had been directly involved with a FIFA event of this type.

But that was only the start. What followed was a specific FWWC content plan which would bring the tournament to the world through the eyes of real fans.

We brought 80 Fan Movement members and women’s football advocates to France to support their teams and help grow awareness of the women’s game.

Instagram takeovers, amplification of FIFA’s messages, real-time UGC, long-form documentary-style videos and more filled the feed of FIFA’s new Women’s World Cup channels.

We also organised two workshops with fans in FIFA’s HQ in Lyon. This enabled FIFA to get real-time feedback on a range of key topics including the future of women’s football.

Although Women’s World Cup 2019 is over, Fan Movement continues to play a key part in everything FIFA is doing. Because without fans there is no football. 

Be sure to follow Fan Movement’s next steps during the FIFA eWC, the Best Awards and U17 World Cup this year as well as the hashtag #WeLiveFootball.

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