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Having been involved with dozens of new social media branded and themed accounts, it’s never surprising to see brands continue to miss the inherent motivator behind a ‘new followers’ support.

As in the case with most small or newer entrant brands most people are not ‘in love’ or even remotely interested in following the brand beyond the occasional purchase here and there.  However it’s not to say brands cannot generate a respectable following among their target consumers – they simply needs to assess one question ‘Why would someone follow us?’

It’s not a question taken lightly.  By following a particular brand you are accepting the brand or group to populate your social feeds with updates throughout the day.  It’s a commitment that in theory will continue to become more considered as brands become more active in social media – just the one or two posts can be easy to swallow, however if consumers are following 5+ brands with each making a series of 3-10 posts per day, they tend to withdraw having bitten off more than they wanted to chew.

By answering the question above you can allow yourself to step out the ‘biased brand’ role and allow you to consider it carefully.   Unless you are a major football team as with our clients (see here) or a global celebrity (like here) whom have the magnetic pull, you must only consider what is it of value we can offer?

Or as I would state it the ‘Theme’ by which a consumer wishes to associate with, connect with or learn more about.

The benefits to driving value ahead of brand – can lead to an exponential group of target customers.  If you can meticulously manage the balance between brand promotion and valued content you will ensure your group respect you and obviously more likely to stay.

Here’s a few examples: Bicycle Brand = Outdoors for the Urban Dweller Pottery Brand = Reading For Weekends Coffee Brand = Discussions of the heart

These are just a few examples but as you can see each offers a touch point to get connected with consumers that have the potential to become your future customers.

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