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How LFC Leveraged Broadcasting Opportunity In China

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

The Premier League is back on China’s media giant CCTV this season. In the light of its vast audience and huge influence, it is a big opportunity for Premier League clubs to promote their brand and engage with their fanbase in China. We take a look at how Liverpool Football Club did this last week…

Exclusive Video Content

Overlap with Social

On Weibo, Liverpool joined the #PLCarnival campaign by hosting a matchday contest which reached over 1,800 engagement and 1,100 entries. The hashtag itself was seen over 3 million times. Meanwhile, CCTV5 promoted the campaign during the live matchand again on their highlights show Total Soccer (China’s Match of the Day). On Wechat, LFC and CCTV used their own official accounts to promote the game with exclusive video content.

LED Messages

How do you show your care for your fans 10,000 miles away from home? Sometimes a heart-warming message is enough, especially if it’s written in their native language on the stadium’s LED boards. Liverpool’s weekend fixture fell on the eve of Mid-autumn festival, so the club expressed their wishes to all their fans in China by sending out a festive wish in Chinese during the match on the LED boards, ensuring that CCTV’s coverage would capture this imagery.

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