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How to: Build a social media fan base in China

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Every brand, service, product should be able to have digital access to the biggest market in the World where key Western social networks are blocked.

Where Facebook, Twitter, YouTube don’t even exist, parallel entities have emerged, with an entirely different set of rules, strategies and solutions. Not to mention the complexities of the language, obscure to the majority of foreign enterprises but key to entering the Chinese market.

Today, Shanghai-based start-up KAWO, a tool that repackages existing social media accounts into local, real-time Chinese, launched with the vision to open China to the World.

“With 564 million Internet users, social media marketing is an aspect that no company hoping to make an impact in China can overlook” said Andrew Collins, co-founder of KAWO “with this tool, any brand will be empowered to independently and seamlessly build a fan base in China.”

KAWO allows foreign brands, sporting clubs, authors and personalities to create active Chinese social media accounts, by automatically syncing their existing Facebook, and Twitter accounts with their Chinese social media counterparts.

The platform translates, localizes and publishes clients’ existing posts to Chinese social networks, allowing anyone and everyone to have their voice heard in China.

While most social media tools employ crowd-sourced or computer-generated translation techniques to adapt the brands to China, KAWO relies on professionally trained interpreters, and a process where every post goes through two levels of translation, moderation and approval.

“Imagine having years of existing content on Facebook and Twitter and not being able to use it to tap into the biggest market in the World” stated Brian Van Damme, Head Developer at KAWO, “we started this adventure with the dream to allow Chinese fans to connect with their favourite foreign brands in the easiest possible way”.

The start-up is partly funded by Mailman Ventures, the investment fund recently created by Mailman Group, digital marketing agency with a 13 years history of constant innovation.

KAWO is now available for free trials. Just sign up at to request yours today.

Find out more at:

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