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How to Grow Your Brand in China Using LOFTER

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

With Instagram blocked, and Tumblr being unstable at best in China, budding Chinese talents don’t know where to post and share their work. At the same time, Weibo and WeChat are still primarily text based making it less popular for users who want to quickly share a lot of pictures with minimal words. That’s why LOFTER became popular as it opened a new method for those who want something that’s easy to create and easy to share.

How do brands quickly get started on LOFTER? Let’s take look at how we manage LOFTER, for one of our clients, GoUSA.

Choose a template that fits your brand

LOFTER has various templates to choose, with a number of different color options.

Create consistent content

It’s often said that persistence is the key to success, and the same holds true when it comes to digital content. Creating just one post a day can provide a huge boost to an account. GoUSA has been creating at least one post per day from images to text in the last few months and has grown to more than 60,000  followers!

Always add a hashtag to the post

Unlike Weibo hashtags, which change every few hours, a LOFTER hashtag stays popular much longer and users are more willing to contribute to that same hashtag, like #travel #phonephotography #US and #colors. Adding a hashtag to your post is a surefire way to improve your exposure.

Follow trending topics

LOFTER official (LOFTER’s offical account page) has different topics to promote at different times. For example, they promoted travel in the first few months of 2015 while now they’re more focused on fashion and lifestyle. We need to follow the trends and post something related to that. For example, GoUSA culinary images are a perfect fit for lifestyle topics.

We’re currently putting these tactics to good use as we are running a campaign for GoUSA on LOFTER. The goal of the campaign is to encourage more LOFTER users to use our hashtag #LetsGoUSA and start following the GoUSA account.

Check out the page and stay tuned to see how it goes.

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