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Huawei Kick Off First US Sports Sponsorship with Redskins

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

The Washington Redskin’s NFL team has hooked up with Chinese telco giant Huawei.

Huawei Enterprise USA, has announced a multiyear sponsorship of the Washington Redskins. Huawei seem to have an ever growing platform and appetite for sponsorships in the world of sport, their brand sits across European Football, Premier Leauge and Formula 1.

Huawei are clearly unfazed by the furore surrounding The Washington Redskin’s team name with their sponsorship announcement, as is the teams owner Dan Snyder, he is holding firm on not changing the name, stating that he will never change it—and Huawei doesn’t seem concerned.

We congratulate Huawei on the move into mainstream US sport with this team sponsorship. Team owners should be hoping Huawei’s success in rapidly becoming one of the largest telecommunications equipment makers in the world, can rub off on the team and fans.

Huawei’s name will be all over Washington’s FedEx Field, and the upside for fans is that it will provide the Wi-Fi network capabilities at the the field aimed at increasing the fan experience.

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