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LCFC and Seven League project featured in eConsultancy

Seven League began working with Leicester City In December 2015, helping the club set their digital strategy. The Y1 Product Strategy strand of that was simple: “fix the stuff that’s broken”.

In late 2016 we ran RFP processes for a new club website, e-commerce platform, ticketing & hospitality provider, CRM & Business Intelligence platform and retail technology provider… all the platforms, more or less.

It was a rare opportunity for a club to start from a clean slate; often legacy systems and contracts will dictate that certain platforms have to remain in place while others are rebuilt.

The vision for a unified user experience with single-sign-on across all platforms was simple too, but the execution was of course much more complex: data and content migrations, multiple integrations between the 5 vendors, all delivered in a 6 month development period.

LCFC now has comfortably the most consistent user experience across website, tickets and shop of any Premier League club, and in Europe it's only PSG and Bayern Munich who are in the same bracket.

Ben Davis from eConsultancy spoke with project lead and 7L Consulting Partner Daniel Ayers to learn about the results, and the sites that launched in July 2017.

Please read the full piece here, and get in touch if you want to know more.

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