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Liverpool FC WeChat Live in China with Mailman

On Saturday August 17th, Liverpool FC became the highest profile Premier League club to launch an official presence on China’s Weixin (WeChat) social platform through Mailman Group.

WeChat, or Weixin in China, is a multimedia chat app integrated with a social network that is owned by Chinese media giant Tencent. Since its launch in January 2011, WeChat has already jumped to an incredible 300 million users, 100 million of which come from outside China.

With WeChat’s broad reach and real-time updates, Chinese LFC fans are now able to keep up and interact with the team. Followers were welcomed by an exclusive voice message, one of WeChat’s unique features, from team captain Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool FC’s WeChat account is the first of several media initiatives they’ve launched in Asia. In August 2011, they became the first football club in the world to launch an official account on Sina Weibo. After the successful launch of LFC websites in Thailand and Indonesia earlier this summer, an official Chinese-language site is planned for release later this year. Since its launch on August 17th, LFC’s Weixin is almost at the 10,000-follower mark.

To follow the Official Liverpool FC Weixin account, download Weixin/WeChat for free on your phone and search lfcofficial under Contacts > Official Accounts.

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