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Mailman: A Social Media Agency

We are proud to say we’re a China leading social media company or agency.  Whichever you prefer.  Either way we’re one of the best.  Our new business scoping is set to take the digital world by storm…

The digital landscape is a wash with fragmented marketing tactics across many key social channels.  For some (not all) this challenge of identifying the best channel for a company’s social media marketing can be overwhelming in China; given the number of big social networks.  We’re looking to support these companies with a raw structure that provides  a clear sense of direction, answers many of the immediate questions that arise when creating the strategy and delivers a compelling (market leading) initiative.

Soon to be released is Mailman’s ‘eGenerate Business Model’.  We expect to be completed with all structure, case study and ‘guts’ the model needs by end of May.  We’ll be doing this with illustrations, diagrams and a open way for a client to inject their own personal touch when developing a successful online business model.

It will deliver our (yes ours) clients enormous opportunities to invigorate customer relationships, product endorsements, scalable communication and create new revenue streams.

The Mailman eGenerate Business Model delivers an online social strategy that connects your business with your customers in a personal and compelling way; which creates peer-to-peer customer referral, online engagement, product innovation and quality market insights.

Companies looking to further develop their online capabilities for a deeper connection to drive long term business can  adopt a Mailman eGenerate Business strategy.

Stay tuned.

Mailman – The Promise

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