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Mailman Launches Brand USA’s China Website

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of the official Brand USA China website, the biggest investment by US tourism in the digital sphere. The public-private marketing entity, created in 2010, works in close partnership with the travel industry to encourage travelers from all over the world to visit the United States of America with their “Discover America” websites.

To create an exciting story around the inauguration of Discover America’s platform in China, a key country in the US tourism industry, Mailman created an engaging website that allows users to plan, win rewards, and share trips, turning any trip to America into a game!  The user and mobile –friendly website lets users explore a range of activities, winning rewards from Brand USA’s partners, such as Disney, for completing, sharing, and creating activities. The more activities that are completed, the more lucrative prizes a user can unlock, ranging from t-shirts to free trips.

With its combination of resources, games, and socialization, GoUSA’s China website brings a new traveling experience to China, allowing both travelers and those just thinking about traveling to put together and share their dream trip to the US.

Check it out at and let the games begin!

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