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MAILMAN NEWS: Controversial App Launched Today

PRESS RELEASE: Shanghai based, Australian led, Mailman Group caused a stir with conservatives in the United States following the launch of the controversial Android Application ‘2nd Base’.  The mobile app was recently banned by Apple; only to have been accepted across the Android platform.  It was discovered one of the characters in the application depicts a very familiar Alaskan Governor in Sarah Palin. Although management states it was not his intention, the images have caused a level of scrutiny for the ambitious entrepreneur.

Described as “cheeky and playful” the 2nd base application is centered on un-hooking bra straps and getting to second base with a series of female “challenges” as the creators call them.  But, since its release today, the developers have received backlash for the Palin connection. Group head, Andrew Collins, a Melbourne born entrepreneur thought they may have had some trouble with the ‘fun police’, but never expected the speedy response.

“We knew we were on the knife-edge of respectability, but we never intended one of our sexy characters to be taken to be Governor Palin. I would stress that any of the characters’ resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.” Collins further added.

Legal Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise able to take legal action against the developers of this application, is purely coincidental.


Name of App:  2nd Base

Countries Release: Global

Versions: Paid and non paid version available

Name:  Asher Esakoff

Title:  Media Manager

Company:  Mailman Group

Telephone:  +86 21 6445 9899


The Governor APP Image

The Politician APP Image

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