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Mailman Nominated for ‘Best Use of Social Media’ AWARD

It’s almost 2 years into our inaugural campaign with American Airlines in which we’ve created a unique online ‘community’ to support would be USA Chinese travelers.

Our project is nominated for ‘Best Use of Social Media’ in Asia.  Of course the team is proud and we’re all very excited to see recognition for the project we’ve laboured over.

See a snap shot of the landmark ‘community building’ project below. by American Airlines

For more information on the awards click here.

Back ground:

Asia-Pacific Digital Media Awards honour the best in digital marketing and communications in the Asia Pacific region, highlighting breakthrough works that demonstrate outstanding creativity and effectiveness across the industry.

Launched in 2007, the awards recognise the digital marketers and their agencies for outstanding work in promoting products and services and have become the premier annual event for the digital marketing industry.

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