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Mailman Takes Beijing – One Plate at a Time

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Mailman has sent two ambassadors of our own to Beijing to join in on the culinary adventures of top chef and US chef ambassador Rick Bayless along with China’s famous Travel Channel host and foodie, Johnny Chan. Discover America created an exclusive, professionally made food cookbook/guide introducing regional food cultures and recipes from the US. Mailman, who launched their Chinese website, also created the Chinese version of the cookbook, available on the website and as a beautifully illustrated digital cookbook that is available for download for free. This Chinese version just kicked off in Beijing, and is part of a US diplomatic tour to China; Bayless and fellow chef ambassadors have already stopped by in Chengdu and Shenyang.

Rick Bayless and Johnny Chan cook and feast in Shanghai

Mailwoman Sarah poses with Chef Bayless

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