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Meanwhile at Mailman…

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Last Friday marked our inaugural Campaigns Workshop; The Sports, Tourism and Shopilist team members coming together for an afternoon of creative thinking and team bonding in the name of Shopilist.

The Task

To create a campaign for Shopilist and then present it to an elite panel consisting of Andrew Collins, Mrs Collins and John Cox. Having been divided into 6 teams (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black) and briefed on the task at hand, they all scurried away to get started amidst an atmosphere of friendly competition.

In their separate workspaces, the teams put their heads together and constructed their plans. Project organiser, Gideon Clark noted that there were many differing methods of approach; “Some groups were very active; drawing and planning every thought that came to mind”, but later admitted that there was not just one method with which to achieve success.

Team White brainstorming for their campaign.

Dave Patnaik addresses Team Black


Two hours came and went in a flash before the teams drew lots to determine the order of pitch presentations. Each group presented for 5 minutes before answering questions from the inquisitive panel. It was fantastic to see the effort that each group had put into their presentations with such short time to prepare. It is a great credit to each team that they were able to agree on and work towards a goal with such unity; key components to any successful team.

Team Yellow attempting to convince the judges that their video is worth the money.

Team Red presenting their idea to the audience.

Team Green deliver an impressive pitch, earning them an honourable mention.


And the winners were… Team Black (!) captained by Dave Patnaik, while a disconsolate Tom Eldsen and Team White had to settle for ‘Best Presentation’. Team Green were given an honourable mention for their professional and funny pitch, but it was Team Black’s campaign which the judges deemed to be the most impressive. Out came the brand-new ‘Mailman Wheel of Fortune’, and there was palpable excitement as each winning member took a spin to determine what fame and glory they would gain.

All in all, a fantastic afternoon, and one which will surely be repeated in the not so distant future.

Gideon and his Wheel of Fortune

Tom can only turn his head away from Dave in disappointment.

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