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Updated: May 30, 2019

First Impression

Before joining Mailman, I had already worked for several companies. But as a sports enthusiast, this is the first time I have worked on something I really love. In your first week of any new job, I think everyone needs time to get settled in, find their place, learn the culture and know who is who. Fortunately, this period was much shorter than I thought – especially after Iris took me around the office and introduced the different teams to me, I felt that every colleague is really friendly.

On top of that, after Gideon’s Mailman orientation, I don’t know why but I jut felt so excited about what I can do here and I couldn’t wait to start my work. The only problem is that we have so many outstanding ping pong players. How can I compete with them? I need to figure this out!

My Role

I’m currently working on the Mailman Sports WeChat account. The role of this account is to deliver the message that Mailman Sports is the best leading sports marketing agency in China. After one more week, the account will be active again, and I welcome everyone to follow this account, share the content, and recommend to your friends. I’d also love to hear your advice for this account.

To my new colleagues – if you have any thoughts or content for Mailman Sports that you want to share to the public just come and chat with me. I am sitting in front of my favourite club’s jersey – Manchester United.

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