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NBA Star Launches Chinese Fashion Label On Taobao.

2 time NBA MVP Steve Nash has launched a new range of clothing in Mainland China under the local brand ‘LUYOU’.

Nash a 15 year veteran in the National Basketball Association dropped his sponsorship deal with Nike, and signed with mainland Chinese sports apparel group Luyou in January.

In an event titled “What’s Your Favorite Shot?”, Nash took to the stage recently to help unveil his newly designed Luyou logo (see above) and chat with his Chinese fans and talk about the Luyou brand.

“I signed with Luyou because the opportunity was multi-dimensional. I’m excited to be a part of the design. Apart from the brand name and line of my own” said the South African born player, raised in Canada.

Nash who is best known as a champion point guard for the Phoenix Suns Basketball team, is also a team member of a New York based football team and would you believe it,  Steve is quite the skillful skateboarder? Nash also owns a small stake in the firm.

“Given the competitive nature of the sportswear industry in China, brand equity is extremely important in differentiating the various brands and products” said managing director Barry Freeman.

“We believe that the Steve Nash partnership with his large fan base throughout China, will be a catalyst for Luyou’s future growth and market penetration of tier II, tier III, and tier IV regions of China”.

Nash and Luyou have teamed up with Shanghai based, Social Media and Innovation agency Mailman to help meet the demand of Nash’s 500,000 weibo fans whilst introducing his new range of apparel.

Nash’s T-shirts are now available on (China’s answer to e-bay) – check them out here….

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