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Quiz questions and cake - happy birthday to us!

Fifth birthday celebrations are not typically marked with a pub quiz, but then again, this wasn't a normal fifth birthday celebration.

Last night the Seven League family, including many of our clients and friends, held the latest version of our highly popular #7LPubQuiz, and we used the opportunity to mark our birthday.

Well, who doesn't love cake?

The quiz was won by a combined team of MCC and Ascot - congratulations to them as they take the crown from last year's champions (England Netball and Premiership Rugby).

There were many highlights - not least the always competitive paper aeroplane round.

Head to our Instagram profile page (app version of Instagram only) to see a Story covering the night's events in more detail, and thank you to our guests for coming along to raise a glass with us.

It's been a remarkable five years for Seven League, and it meant a lot to us to celebrate with our extended family.

Full results below - see you at the next one!

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