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Seven League shortlisted for two awards at #STA2018

Seven League are thrilled to have been shortlisted in two categories at the Sports Technology Awards 2018 including Agency of the Year, just a week after we were nominated for the same honour by the Sport Industry Awards.

An internationally recognised mark of excellence, the Sports Technology Awards is a celebration of technology-led innovation across sport worldwide. We've been recognised in the Agency of The Year category and in the Best Digital Development category for our work with Leicester City on the redevelopment of

Best Agency

The Agency of The Year award celebrates the work of an agency that has embraced technology to deliver demonstrable results. Sports Technology Awards judges reviewed entries on the overarching objectives, the type of technologies used and their application, the impact they had and the level of innovation.

In the last year, we've solidified our reputation as Europe's leading digital sport agency, and technology continues to play a pivotal role in much of our work; whether advising the best use of the right technology, introducing new and emerging tech, or maximising value from existing suppliers.

Three examples from the many we could provide:

  1. Technology Services Procurement: 7L continue to run technology procurement processes for some of the biggest names in sport, including Juventus FCFC Barcelona and The Open. Our proprietary weighted scoring system and unbiased recommendations have proved vital in ensuring 7L clients select the right agencies to develop their digital platforms

  2. Designing Technology Architecture: 7L managed the delivery of Leicester City's entire technology infrastructure. A complex execution involving multiple integrations between 5 vendors, all delivered in 6-months. LCFC now have the most consistent user experience across website/ tickets/ shop of any Premier League club (see Best Digital Development below)

  3. Technology Innovation: 7L continue to use technology in truly innovative ways, producing The Lane 360 in partnership with Animal Vegetable Mineral (AVM) for Tottenham Hotspur, engaging fans and leaving a legacy for Spurs’ home of 118 years

Best Digital Development

The Best Digital Development category celebrates innovative web development in the sports sector, with judges reviewing entries on the level of innovation, strategic thinking and technological integration.

In the 2016-17 season, Seven League drove a project to rebuild all of Leicester City's core fan-facing digital platforms, running RFP processes to appoint new vendors for plus the Single Sign-On, CRM, Business Intelligence and in-store retail technology that links all of these properties together.

Between February and June 2017 we managed the integration of 5 key vendor platforms to deliver an unrivalled digital fan experience - LCFC now have a 'unified fan journey' that so many European clubs talk about, but haven't achieved, and have seen record-breaking digital performance as a result.

It's our second year running on this shortlist, having been nominated for work with Newcastle United in 2017.

These nominations underline what was a standout year for Seven League in 2017, when we also turned five years old and reached the milestone of working with over 50 of UEFA's 55 national football associations. We continue to manage social media content in six languages across six markets for the NBA, and are driving digital growth and innovation for FC Barcelona, Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus and Leicester City among many others.

Seven League would like to thank the Sports Technology Awards for shortlisting us, and we also send congratulations to our fellow nominees!

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