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Tech Jobs: We’ll Pay You $10,000 To Quit Your Job, and Move to China

That’s right, we’re sick and tired of all the ‘muppets’ coming through our door so for this role we’re giving away $10,000 to quit your job, pack your bags and join our rockstar team in Shanghai, China.

So who are we? Great question, I’m glad you asked. We’re a fast moving social, digital and technology company transforming the way foreign brands do business in China. We’ve helped the worlds biggest sports teams, personalities and brands make impact in China through rich digital media, content and technology that sticks.

Don’t believe us? Check out just a few of our milestones:

So what get’s us really excited? We’ve been secretly developing an exciting product called KAWO. It’s a sophisticated, yet simple technology that makes it easy for brands to publish across Chinese social media, collaborate with teams, track performance and offers a layer of protection not seen since Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2.  KAWO will completely transform the way foreign brands do social media in China – for good.

Our mission at KAWO is to make Chinese social media easy.

The team include some of the hottest folks going around, including Alex Duncan, Brian van Damme, Fergus Jordan and Andrew Collins – these guys aren’t stupid, they have options. But they’ve chosen KAWO as their calling!

So what do we want from you? Another great question. We’re looking for top notch ‘Front End Developer’. You have to be hungry for learning, starved of perfection and thirsty for exciting opportunities. We’ll be feeding you all of this as you work with our team to bring our KAWO experience to life.

Interested? Want to learn more? Read the JD attached here and apply within. We’ll be in contact.

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