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The Data Day With Seven League

SportsPro's James Emmett spent some time with us to experience a day in the life of Seven League. This has resulted in an in-depth article in the April issue of the magazine, highlighting the importance of data in our work.

Here's the opening excerpt:

"Peter Clare is in Bulgaria. Just about. A missed flight yesterday means a hasty change of plans, a new flight to Istanbul and a transfer to Sofia in the early hours of the morning. Bleary-eyed Clare, one of the senior figures at digital consultancy Seven League, will have to spend the next hours delivery a full-service digital workshop to the great and the good of the Bulgarian sports industry.

Hearing of his plight this morning, his colleagues back in London have offered their sympathy by way of a Tumblr page - a stream of gawping gifs and point-and-laugh photos to console him ahead of his day."

To find out more about us and Pete's adventures in Bulgaria, you can read the full article in this month's magazine, which is for subscribers only. You can purchase your subscription here.

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