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The secret of how Leicester City, Juventus and Barcelona became champions

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

At Seven League we pride ourselves on analysing the tiny details and unearthing the key insights and trends that inform digital strategy at the highest level.

Congratulations to our clients Leicester City FC, FC Barcelona and Juventus FC – fantastic winners of the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A – but what connects their success? The managers’ philosophies? The fans’ support? Or could there be something in the art and science of the performance analysis and player training?

The answer is a trend that dates back to 2011. Roberto Mancini first noticed it at Manchester City and saw the same effect in 2012. LA Galaxy shared the trend in 2014. Then last year it was the turn of US Soccer who took the Women’s World Cup as a result.

Is the key to success simple? Hiring Seven League????

Ask yourself; What motivates a player more than knowing the return on investment in digital business has got a clear plan? Mid-season doubt about how content is going to deliver value for the club?

Worry no more.

As you run on the pitch, your heart is beating and your head is full of beautiful graphs and social conversation-rate analytics.


Great idea for a tattoo.

Mancini found the MCFC tunnel-cam addictive and got a tattoo of #together. Who can blame him?

When Ranieri needed a half-time speech to rally his troops, he reached to the shelf and pulled down the digital media audit. Page after page of analysis and recommendations.

Now that’s having a party (Mahrez keeps a copy under his pillow).

We are delighted to have helped so many teams win big in the last 5 years

This year is our hat trick. Our client triple crown.

???? Leicester pulled off one of the greatest sporting stories of all time by defying odds of 5000/1 to win the Premier League for the first time in their history.

With just one point from 3 opening games, and only 12 by matchday ten, ???? Juventus made Hi5tory by claiming 73pts out of the last 75 on offer to win their 5th Scudetto title in a row.

And Sunday’s victory at Granada saw ???? Barcelona finish the season as La Liga champions, a season in which the Catalans set a Spanish record with a 37-match unbeaten run. Some might say the perfect European hat-trick.

A Winning Mentality

Just in case there are any lawyers reading this, we’re not serious. Well, not entirely...

There is a consistent theme here.

What makes them winners, setting them apart from their rivals, is a common desire for excellence both on and off the pitch - and that includes digital performance. Where other clubs have basked in past glory, content to sit back and let their social audiences grow, these three clubs have been notably proactive in their attitudes towards digital. While they’re already reaping the rewards now, much more is to follow.

So what’s the lesson?

While, funnily enough, we can’t yet prove that clear digital strategy delivers on-pitch success, there’s undoubtedly a sign that Europe’s leading teams have a similar vested approach to their digital operations. But it’s not just those with high levels of digital maturity that benefit. Our work with organisations at the start of their digital journey has reaped equally significant benefits and arguably allows greater room for improvement in a short space of time.

We drive your digital transformation and we get ROI on your content… but that’s all digi-speak. Perhaps the best way to explain the difference between Seven League and the others is to quote one of the senior management team at Barcelona:

“You are consultants, but you are not like consultants, because you know how things work”

To speak to???? Seven League about how we can help you become domestic or European champions, please contact us here

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