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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Shanghai Shenhua picked out a random fan to join negotiations for the signing of Dider Drogba.

With over 5,000 comments in less than 2 hours, the campaign launched yesterday by Zhu Jun (team owner) created huge excitement amongst Chinese football fans, with social media sites buzzing with the news. With one single post, Zhu reached over 8,000 comments before the winner was chosen to accompany Shanghai Shenhua’s management team on a trip to London to negotiate Drogba’s deal.

For the first time a club is giving their fans the chance to play a part in the biggest transfer ever to happen in China, making them feel part of a community like never before.

The campaign is a perfect example of how the Sporting World is changing, as Social Media transforms the fan experience both on and offline (for the better, if you ask us).

The truth is that facts speak louder than words. Let’s have a quick look at the numbers of Europe’s Top 4 most followed teams.

Manchester Utd – 140,127 fans

Liverpool FC – 119,230 fans

Real Madrid – 103,043 fans

Inter Milan – 102,266 fans

Can you see it?

If you then consider basketball pages and players like Kevin Garnett with 779,859 followers or the official NBA page with 11 million, you’ll feel the impact of social media even more.

But that’s another story…

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