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Why Qzone Isn’t As Popular As It Seems

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Qzone has over 600 million active users.

That’s a ton of people, and to many it seems like it should be a no brainer for any brand to jump in and start building a presence there to reach out to those users.

However, Qzone might not be as popular as many people think. Consider these 3 facts:

1)  Every QQ user (a person that has signed up to the popular instant messaging app) in China automatically gets a Qzone page

This fact alone will equate to a huge user base as almost every Chinese internet user will in some way or form have signed on to China’s most popular peer to peer IM tool. The point being, people aren’t going out of their way to sign up for the platform with user activity being suspect at best.

2) QQ and WeChat are owned by the same company: Tencent

QQ is now essentially integrated into WeChat.  All this means is that monthly active user numbers have ballooned based on the popularity of Wechat.  Users can now sign in through the QQ app on WeChat and communicate the same way.  This equates to less people using the QQ app to chat.

3) Main User Demographic is 10-15 years old

Yup, that’s the majority of the active users who actually login to Qzone and actively produce content. While that’s not necessarily a completely damning statistic, it does show that Qzone appeals to those that might not be the target audience for many brands as there is little to no spending power.

If those three points weren’t deal breakers, here’s another point: Qzone is a personal platform and there is no option for a business account. Unless you’re creating a personal account that specifically is targeting a very young demographic, Qzone is most likely not a platform you should consider investing your time in.

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