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China Social Media Agency of 2011 – Mailman

Mailman has successfully been awarded the China Social Media Agency of 2011. Albeit voted by members of our team, and with stiff competition.  The nominations included Mailman, Mailman and yes you guessed it… Mailman.

Background on Mailman:

We began in 1999 as an international advertising company based in China; known for our innovative (and sometimes ambitious) thinking we established ourselves as one of China’s leading new media enterprises.

With assets across digital, mobile (GUANXI SMS) and offline media we created a culture of innovation which continues to drive our business forward.

And now we deliver worlds best online

community building, viral campaign strategy, bloggers outreach & influencer marketing, ePR and social media management.

Our online communities connect you with your real stakeholders; your customers.

By investing in a ‘value-led’ communication platform we create unmatched branded assets that strengthen the relationships between brands and the people that matter most.

We are focused on driving deeper relationships with Chinese communities. On the ground experience, and a unique insight into online China, has seen us build communities for some of the world’s leading brands.

We pride ourselves with innovation, passion, insights and an unrivaled commitment to results. We have the ability to turn the slightest opportunity into a major step forward for your brand.  Just try us.

You may download our credentials here. Mailman_Creds_2011

Don’t be shy, contact us.

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