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Macy’s Launches Fashion Look Book on WeChat

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

UPDATE: As of April 2nd, Macy’s Fashion Look Book has had over 1,100 full read throughs and has seen it’s WeChat fans rise by 100%!

Today marks a very exciting day for Macy’s expansion into the Chinese market as it launches its Fashion Look Book on WeChat. In another wicked awesome blend of fashion and technology, Macy’s has designed it’s WeChat interface so that followers and users can easily check out new trends and looks.

Having this unique and new method of communication with consumers could set a fun and interesting precedent, with Macy’s using it for future presentations and major events like the Thanksgiving Day Parade, 4th of July fireworks, the Flower Show, and many more!

Scan the barcode below and give it a look for yourself!

Check out some more images from Macy’s Look Book:

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