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Mailman Magic FC Continues Star Trajectory

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Mailman Magic FC, the jewel in the crown of the Mailman Group, is on its way to a successful season having won all but one game, which by expert accounts was merely a pre-season friendly.

“We’re making our way through Shanghai’s major companies, supporters clubs and really anyone that challenges us,” said founder, Tom Elsden, in a statement issued late Tuesday.

With a team of 15 playing 8 to a side, not to mention jaunty matching outfits, it’s immediately clear why he is so confident.

The Shanghai Reds (Manchester United Supporters Club), Continental Tyres and West Coast FC were all unsuccessful against the unquestionable might of Mailman FC.

Mailman Magic are stepping up to the big leagues against Adidas this Saturday and then Hupu the following Tuesday where it is hoped that CEO Andrew Collins will join the team and aid them on their continued trajectory towards stardom.

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