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‘Qingtingke’: When AliTrip Meets Sina Travel

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Alibaba, China’s biggest online commerce company is striving hard for its biggest day of year-‘Double 11’ Big Sale Day. AliTrip, Alibaba’s online travel service, has also made a new move before this crazy online shopping festival.

AliTrip, Sina Travel, and Sina Weibo have reached a new strategic collaboration to launch user-generated travel platform ‘Qingtingke’. It’s a new platform which embraces the so-called “We Media’ or ‘ UGM’(自媒体) and invites famous travellers to become travel guides.

What is ‘Qingtingke’? Who can be ‘Qingtingke’?

During the press conference, they disclosed that ‘Qingtingke’ is meant to be professional travellers or local travel agencies on Sina Weibo. AliTrip will do the personnel screening according to social impact and other data criteria. On November 11th, the ‘Double 11’ day, the product and service based on 99 Qingtingkes will launch both on AliTrip APP & the Weibo discover button.

Sina Travel and AliTrip are already doing promotions on Weibo, using hashtags like #世界还能这么玩#. In fact, a lot of KOLs and official travel accounts are posting this hashtag. Take GoUSA’s Sina Weibo account for example.

‘Qingtingke’ is just the first step in Ali & Sina’s partnership. In the future, they are planning on even further integration. When China’s biggest e-commerce giant meets its biggest social media giant, it can lead profound changes in the tourism industry and more. Wait and see.

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