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Seven League Pub Quiz Results - September 2018

The last time Seven League hosted one of our famous pub quiz nights, we were celebrating our 5th birthday.

Last night, when we came together with clients and friends for the latest edition of this popular night out, celebrations were again part of the evening as we marked our recently-announced investment from Mailman Group.

Mailman are of course China's leading digital sports marketing agency, so naturally we included a China round alongside the hardy perennials like David Brake testing our movies knowledge and Jon Ford taking the mic to see how many songs we could name that reference a current England footballer.

Oh and yes, there was a paper aeroplane round too. Whilst all of our clients are leaders in their own fields, it's fair to say some of them have better aerospace engineering skills than others! In the end Tom from MCC won the paper aeroplane contest for the second year running. Talent.

Most importantly, we had a great evening with drinks, food and a chance for as many of our clients as possible to mingle with other friendly faces from the sports industry. Those in attendance included Tottenham Hotspur, MCC, FIFA, NBA, Great British Racing, England Netball, Premier League, The FA, Watford FC, NFL UK, Ascot, ICC, O2 and WWE.

We also had a new name on the trophy.

The quiz came down to a titanic final two in which a combined team of NBA/Watford FC just beat NFL UK although in the spirit of the evening, some of the winning champagne was shared between the teams.

For more pics from the evening, please see our Instagram (@7League), and we will see you at the next #7LPubQuiz! In the meantime, congrats to the NBA and Watford!

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