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Case Studies

Explore ground-breaking stories told in China, digital transformation to igniting the passion in American Football across the UK.

A Road Trip Campaign for Northern Territory Australia

Social media, Digital strategy

Uluru is placed in a vast and remote land with limited facilities. Therefore, we decided to target independent and experienced travelers who tend to be more confident and less intimidated by such an area. We encouraged users to submit their favourite experience while traveling with a friend, providing the winner with 2 free round-trip tickets from Shanghai, Beijing, or Guangzhou to Uluru. Those who submitted would tag their friend using our hashtag #探秘世界中心# (#ExploreTheCenterOfTheWorld#).

Bringing BrandUSA to China

Brand strategy, Social media

Activate US Tourism’s official brand presence in China and creating its brand guidelines and initial foray across different platforms

Simon Shopping China Market Strategy

Digital strategy, Social media

With over 200 shopping destinations, we were charged with helping the Chinese understand where to shop, why and how best to do it.

Visit California Video Series

Content production, Filming

Understanding that authenticity is one of the keys to developing travel stories, we sent one KOL to several universities across Visit California to interview Chinese students

NYC dominating on social

Digital branding

We are bringing to life NYCgo China Consumer marketing, creating a travel companion for Chinese travelers in NYC. Our strategy that influences travelers throughout the consumer decision journey.

Monash University Brand Concept in China

Social media,

Monash was tasked with finding an agency to develop their global brand messaging for the China Market

2019 Visit Seattle China new IP

Brand building, IP design

Developing a new way to reach the Chinese travelers but creating a new IP specifically to serve this audience

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