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3 Step Process to E-commerce in China

Tackling China’s online e-commerce market can be a daunting experience.  It’s our job at Mailman to ensure this transition is smooth and ultimately successful.  Our recent experience tells us the immediate opportunities available through major Chinese online malls such as TaoBao have never been more promising.The following outlines a guide as to the Mailman 3 step process for a successful online e-commerce integration.

1.  Identify your market.

– We complete a review of the audience you are wishing to sell – We list all associated social networks housing your desired customers – We decide on the appropriate online mall or stand alone e-commerce store alternatives

2.  Build your store.

– We build out a complete online store as per your branding guidelines – We ensure all products are adequately featured, with key products in the prominent positions – Ensure you have completed all relevant licensing requirements to open store

3.  Establish your voice.

– We invite the key online influencers (bloggers) for your industry to try and review your product – We ensure positive reception of products and subsequent positive online material – We establish your presence across key Chinese social networks (globally) – We create content based on your products brand / story to be featured across forums and social networks – We notify any press to gather mainstream support


Mailman Sales Management

To continue to build on the 3 Step process Mailman offers a service of complete online customer management.  This will include:

– Online customer support

– Selling of products

– Complete online reporting

For a conversation about how we continue to manage our current online e-commerce stores contact Mailman.


Following the Mailman 3 step process we begin to closely review and report all data associated with the deliverables.  Data is a great tool to gather feedback and review the current strategy.  Traffic is directed to your e-commerce store and it’s our responsibility to understand how/why they made it there.

Navigating through China’s 1000+ social networks is a task that can only be performed effectively by an experienced team.  With Mailman‘s unique consumer insight, together with successful online delivery we guarantee your product will be given the best possible outcome available.

Mailman has worked with over 500 brands in China.  More recently Mailman has built out successful online e-commerce strategies for multinational companies looking to grow a Chinese customer base.

Contact Mailman to discuss how your brand can capitalize on the growing Chinese consumer.

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