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3 Tech Tips to master China SEO

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Different country, different customers, different rules for SEO.

Master 3 of these basic rules today.

1. Don’t lose face.

You know the short descriptions below the website titles you get in your results page? They’re called metatags. Google hates them and lowered their importance to zero in the page results rankings. It also automatically generates them from your content.

Baidu, on the other hand, loves them. And will show users exactly what you typed in.

So make sure you give face on your meta-descriptions and use short and keywords-rich sentences.

2. Go with quantity rather than quality.

The more links you have in your content, the better. Both internal text links and sub-domain links have huge relevance for Baidu. Plus, Baidu’s algorithm struggles to understand a link’s relevancy and quality. Think China’s huge market for fake goods, think brands like SQNY and IVIKE, think Christmas decorations/souvenir factories.

Yummy Obama Fried Chicken for breakfast today?

Now think China SEO and links. Make sure you’ve got quantity.

3. In China, you’ve got to read between the lines. It’s what is not said that matters.

Invisible to users, Alt tags allow the search engine to read your images and index them, making them as searchable as any other content on the web.

You’ve learned “a picture is worth a thousand words” and went all visual on your website, got the best designers to create cool concepts that will catch your target users’ attention in half a second. That’s IF users get there.

Remember to write your Alt tags in simplified Chinese.

They simply won’t come up in search results if you’ve got all your tag-descriptions in English.

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