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Case Study #3 Study Victoria

Study Victoria made it’s first foray into an online promotion in China.  The objectives was to collect 1000 entrants into a ‘essay challenge’ contest to win a month study experience in Melbourne.  We had 9 weeks to complete the objective.

The first step was to create a stand alone website titled ‘, fill it with interesting ‘engaging’ content designed to drive interest in studying in Victoria.  The content was a blend of personal stories, promotional pieces and fun study tips when going to Victoria.

We used the Chinese social network sites including: Kaxin, Renren, Sina, Douban and others as highways to pull traffic to WYST website.  We aggressively puished content up to those channels with links back to WYST and focused on converted those guests to complete the entry forms.

A successful result.

Download the full case study here. MM_2010_Case_Study_Vic_Gov

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