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Job Vacancy: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETER (Shanghai)

Mailman is looking to recruit 2 -3 full-time employees to manage digital marketing maintenance and development for and the other bilingual projects.

Successful applicants will:

* Speak GOOD English and Mandarin * Have a keen interest in Digital Marketing * Should be familiar with Chinese Social Media platforms: i.e. Weibo, Renren, Douban, etc. * Enjoy bridging the culture between China and America. A big fan of is a plus. * Ambitious, Friendly, Team-Oriented, Hard working…We also play hard. * Be available to start work immediately (4/5 days per week) * Experienced at taking GMAT, IBT is preferred. * Anyone who is experienced at editing articles is preferred.

Our office is located in Shanghai’s most creative area, Tianzi Fang, (Line 9 – Dapu Qiao). We will provide you with an international and creativer working environment.

Please send your resume & cover letter to cat @

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