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Top 5 Social Media Campaigns #5

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing the top 5 social media campaigns from the last 5 years.  To begin with we feature number 5.  Read more…

#5 – T-Mobile – Life’s For Sharing


  1. To create a series of flash mobs promoting the idea of sharing via your mobile phone.

  2. To reach millions of people via Youtube.

  3. To create such a buzz that viewers would share the videos with everyone and maybe even produce copycat videos of their own.


T-Mobile decided to use Flash Mobs as the means to reach as many people as possible.

They staged their videos in some of the busiest and best known locations in England: Liverpool St Station, Trafalgar Square and London Heathrow Arrivals.

This ensured that there was enough publicity surrounding these performances to generate a huge online following, driving the brand to the forefront of consumer minds.

Using well chosen songs and dances people were reminded of the brand whenever and wherever the music was played or the places mentioned.

Why we love it…

  1. Innovative, fun and appealing to the mass market.

  2. This campaign from the British phone network caused a huge stir in a matter of minutes with its first flash mob, that it went on to film two more which were shared all over YouTube.

  3. This was a spectacular piece of innovative marketing leading to 54 million views across the three videos to date.

  4. Not only was this a hit on social media platforms but it also created the idea of bringing people together via phone sharing.  The flash mobs were filmed by hundreds of people on their mobile phones who then shared them all over the internet (500 uploads). The trio became the most viewed sponsored channel on YouTube, the epitome of a viral video.

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