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Driving value from ePR

Or as I like to call it ‘ePR 4 ROI 4 EVA’…

As the spread of peer to peer referral blossoms to galactic proportions; companies are aggressively considering online PR alternatives.  Progressive consumer driven brands are certainly attacking head on, yet at what accountability?  The challenge marketers need to address is how to turn those positive online conversations into a tangible return. Recently we (at Mailman) have taken the time to really study the effectiveness and likely responsiveness to immediate sales by creating channels to clients direct ‘selling’ stores or community sites.  By driving consumers direct from ‘forum-to-tabao store’ we can immediately see the volume of sales, where the consumers came from and how it compares to overall sales channels.

Teh valeu is clearly present; yet to take it one step further consider this:

CREATE A INTERMEDIEY COMMUNITY SITE THAT DRIVES EXPONETIAL TRAFFIC TO YOUR SALES CHANNELS Create a community, connect with ambassadors and give them the tools to grow it.  Imagine a community (in your name) equipped to grow your community site ‘naturally’.  A community driven by ‘value-added’ content they see as bringing other ‘like minded’ advocates together.  If a brand can establish it’s own sub culture (in our client example > American Airlines = Going to America) and use that context to drive value beyond the traditional corporate sales spin; you have a great opportunity.  The variety and volume of content provides many more conversation starters, enables members to contribute-share-promote the site and sets a foundation for natural organic growth.  Which ultimately drives more traffic online to taobao OR offline sales.

An active ePR exercise is encouraged.  Considering how you can create long term sustainable growth can deliver value far beyond a monthly ‘sentiment report’ many companies adopt.  Key questions centered on ‘how to drive measurable ROI from the conversations?’ and ‘how to maximize the value of my brand advocates?’ are just a few considerations we encourage our clients to tackle.

For more information on our current online ePR campaigns and how it’s driving online conversions contact Mailman.

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