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Tips when creating a community website

OK I’m going to keep this really simple – not to bore any of you.  So without further ado; follow these steps.

1.    When requiring registration or a collection of data – allow the user to perform the function first THEN request a form to be completed (ie:  if you need a registered user to write content, have them write first, then ask for data)

2.    Don’t distract the user UNLESS you want to.  Keep the flashy banners to yourself as you may be hindering your main objective. 3.    Site design – use bright colours, odd shaped buttons, or large fonts to direct eyeballs to those touch points.4.    Create small commitments – then more little small commitments.  (ie: display no more than 300 words of text, then allow the user to request to read more) 5.    Content – use pictures of peoples faces.  faces have a way of drawing people in unlike a standard shot of scenery. 6.    We are still very basic people – using words like ‘food, danger, and even sex’ can have a greater return of hits.  It’s simply what our brain thinks we need the most attention too. 7.    Content about human stories will have greater connections with the audience.  When ever you can use a human story. 8.    Less choices will drive greater conversion.  It’s like the kid in the candy store – keep the options to a minimum and allow the brain to follow rather than have to think. 9.    Run with small chunks of information. Keep banners simple with options to learn more.  Keep headlines simple and punchy. 10.  And finally – make it fun.  More often than not FUN can lead to trust.  The trust can drive greater loyalty and most certainly more WOM with the users friends.

I hope this helps.

If you have any comments feel free to contact any of The Mailman Group members.

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