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Top 5 Social Media Campaigns #3

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing the Top 5 social media campaigns from the last 5 years. Here is number 3.

Burger King – Whopper Sacrifice


•    To create a Facebook campaign promoting the new BK Whopper.

•    To come up with a revolutionary idea which would drive customers to the page in their thousands.

•    To create a buzz of such magnitude that the campaign would be remembered long after it ended!


BK came up with the idea of DELETING 10 friends on Facebook in exchange for a free ‘Whopper’ burger.

Once this incredible feat of brutality had been accomplished, you receive a voucher for the free burger and those who you had DE-FRIENDED would be sent a cheeky message informing them that they had been: SACRIFICED FOR A WHOPPER!

Why we love it…

•   Brutal, bold and straight to the point.

•    This Facebook campaign was revolutionary as it presents a completely new idea to the customer…the DELETE button!  Using the tag line “Friendship is strong, but the Whopper is stronger!” provided a means of removing friends without seeming too harsh…

•    The application was so popular that it was in fact only online for a few weeks before Facebook had enough and shut it down.  It would seem that this action came several weeks too late, as in that short space of time 234,000 friendships were terminated!

•    The main reason why WE LOVE IT is its creativity…..through a relatively simple concept, it managed to create such hype for a food that has been around for ages.  Genius.

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