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What you do in China, affects you everywhere

Statistics have showed us that the International Chinese community are so very closely aligned with their mother land.  You will experience an immediate benefit with Chinese in your country (USA / Europe) as a result of making a commitment in China.  Things you should consider include:

Chinese all over the world participate in Chinese mainland social forums

They talk a lot

They share each others experiences

The families are close with mainland relations

Mandarin is the no.1 spoken language in the world – and growing

So what’s so different about China?

Firstly, it’s about expressing themselves, it’s a form of escapism and an opportunity to learn and seek more answers.

The stats here from Boston Consulting Group show how social China’s web really is; with major emphasis on self-expression, sharing knowledge and feelings; China’s web is a very personal space that allow otherwise economically and politically restricted Chinese a sense of freedom. This gives the market a unique energy, open and ready to learn, connect and experience.

So where do they frequent?

Twitter, Facebook and youtube are not popular in China – in fact they are all currently blocked by government firewall.

As seen here the China social media site volume is vastly different from the West. The process and business  is also very different. Taking cues from China’s massive Internet base, as well as Chinese online culture, local players have not only dominated the China social web, but thrive and prosper.

What do they do online?

Social networking can include many forms of integration.  In china the most common use of social media channels are keeping a blog (diary) and keeping ‘real’ friends online.

•   221 million people have blogs, largely in a diary-style.

•   176 million Chinese connect via  social networking system (SNS) with their “real” friends and online networks.

•   117 million connect anonymously via bulletin board system (BBS).

These interactive online message boards are the heart of social media in China. They’re where people go to find topic-based communities and where consumers talk about products and services.

Did we mention Chinese do not speak English?

There is no greater requirement beyond having a localized Chinese language website.

We hope you’ve found this information useful.

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