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Mailman launches ‘CHINA RED CARD’ : The definitive guide to a football club’s act

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Leading Chinese digital company Mailman have just released the ‘must have’ guide to a football club wanting to make it in China’s sporting wilderness.  Whether you are Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool or even Stockport County, the question is the same:  How do you convince 450 million Chinese internet users to follow your club?

Having managed the Chinese fan bases of major sporting organizations around the world, Mailman have reviewed the China strategies of the world’s top football clubs and how effectively they communicate with a Chinese fan.   Points were awarded according to 4 key areas:  Website effectiveness, social media activity, online marketing and mobile.  Our scoring criteria was developed so that each club could be evaluated on a level playing field, therefore in this instance, size doesn’t matter.

Where does your club rank?

For a more in depth analysis of your club’s China activity please contact:

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